Panasonic DVM-CLA Mini-DV Head Cleaner

Maintain DV or HDV recording head in optimal recording performance.

The Panasonic DVM-CLA mini-DV Head Cleaner
   Dry cleaning system
   Cleans entire tape travel path
   Load the DMV-CLA mini-DV head cleaner tape and run for 10 seconds to maintain optimal recording performance for your camcorders.
Suitable for all Mini-DV camcorders or any HDV camcorders



Posted by Anamarie_salazar on 10/26/2010 7:51:00 PM There's a message the tape is locked -check the tab. shall i play anyway?

Replied by LA Color Pros You should load the tape while your camcorder is in "Playback" mode, not "Record" mode. In other words, you should be seeing a blue screen (on most camcorders), but not a live view from the camera angle.
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