10x13 Multipurpose Velvet/Fleece Bag

Dual-layer Velvet/Fleece bag perfect for your electronic gears.

Made with high quality velvet material on the outside and fleece on the inside, the multipurpose bag is suitable to store and protect your electronic gadgets such as DSLRs, lens, iPad and etc.
   High quality velvet material outside
   Fleece layer on the inside
   Draw string on top for closing the opening and easy carrying.
Model C14 is "tube" style measuring 13" x 10". The circular base is 6" in diameter. It is perfect for storing camera with lens.
Model B5 is "flat" style measuring 10" x 11". It is perfect for storing camera with lens.




Posted by John on 9/20/2011 10:10:00 PM Does the velvet bags' inside or outside fabric shed tiny particles or fibers? The reason I ask is that I've seen velvet like this and it usually sheds very tiny hair-like fibers that get everywhere and I would want that on my gear or in my lungs.

Replied by LA Color Pros I have been using these bag for over a year to store my DSLR, lens, and iPad. They were made with high quality fabric. There isn't any threads or any tiny hair like fibers on the loose.
The inside layer of the bag is fleece material which protects the gadget inside from scratches.
We will be introducing difference sizes soon.
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