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10 Years Limited Warranty

L.A. Color is RODE Microphones authroized reseller in the United States. All RODE microphone products purchased from L.A. Color Pros is entitled for a 10-year limited warranty. Customers are required to register at rodemic.com for the 10-year warranty.

Best Shotgun Microphone Designed for DSLR
VideoMic GO Meet the new lightweight on-camera microphone from RØDE
RODE smartLav is a professional-grade lav mic at affordable price to be used with smart phones.
Rode RodeLink FM Wireless Filmmaker System
RODE smartLav is a professional-grade lav mic at affordable price to be used with smart phones
RODE VideoMic Pro with Rycote Lyre Suspension Mount
X/Y stereo condenser microphone with shockmount, HPF and PAD. Includes Deadkitten Fur Windshield.
Directional super cardioid condenser microphone with integrated shockmount, HPF and level control.
Rode Stereo VideoMic Pro Condenser Microphone provides a high quality stereo option for videographer
RODE VideoMicro is a compact on-camera microphone that features a cardioid condenser mic capsule for
RODE MiCon to Sennheiser Wireless Adapter Compatible with Sennheiser Device
Hand painted White custom mesh pin head for RODE PINMIC.
Rode NTG3 Microphone is designed for recording in environments where condensation is an issue.
Directional super cardioid condenser shotgun mic. HPF, Zip Pouch, Mic Clip and Wind Shield
Directional super cardioid condenser shotgun, HPF, dual powered, Mic Clip, Zip Pouch and Wind Shield
Unique lapel style pin-through microphone that attaches to clothing and fabric almost anywhere.
To use RODE smartLav on standard 3.5mm equipped device such as DSLR camera or audio recorder
The SM3 is a suspension shock mount with Hot-Shoe adaptor for mounting the microphones on video came
Artificial fur is specially designed so as to minimise wind noise in high wind conditions.
Rode VXLR adapter converts a 3.5mm mini jack input to a male XLR output
RØDE MiCon-2 connector provides integration between RØDE PinMic to a standard 3.5mm jack
RØDE MiCon connector system provides seamless integration between RØDE HS1, PinMic and more
The DeadCat VMP is a furry wind cover for the VideoMic Pro, designed for use in windy environments.
The DeadCat GO is a furry wind cover for the VideoMic GO, designed for use in windy environments

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