Off Camera Lighting with the Comer 1800 on Light Stand

Posted on 1/22/2010 11:26:00 PM

An article contributed by Mark Von Lanken at Von Wedding Films

On camera lighting looks very flat. Additionally on camera lighting is obtrusive when doing interviews. When the light is at eye level, it can be very irritating, especially to people who are a little older. The solution is to get the light off the camera, but until recently, that meant I had to use a second person to hold my light and battery pack while shooting the decorations at wedding receptions.
Using the Comer 1800 and mounting it to a light stand via the Light Stand Adapter or Umbrella Adapter with the Accessory Mount Shoe, is the ideal solution.

First of all the Comer 1800 is the perfect replacement to my older light which was powered by a battery belt. The Comer 1800 has the throw of traditional on camera lights without the added weight of a battery belt. Secondly, mounting the Comer 1800 to a light stand gives beautiful dimensional light to my shots (click on the image to view full size).
You could use tradition light fixtures mounted to a light stand, but they need electricity. Additionally, you have to be very careful when moving hot light fixtures because the lamps are more likely to break when moving them while they are still hot. With the Comer 1800 on a light stand I can move the light all over the room without the hassle of an extension cord or the fear of popping a hot lamp.
You can see the dramatic difference in the details of the grooms cake in these before and after shots.

Notice how the colors pop on the floral shots in these before and after shots.

I am always careful not to throw to much light on my interview subjects at wedding receptions. In this example I placed the Comer 1800 up high on a light stand to add just enough fill light. Also notice how the light added a nice sparkle to her eyes.

Mark Von Lanken

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Posted by Mark on 3/4/2010 12:44:00 PM These are all underexposed?

Replied by LA Color Pros Replied by Mark Von Lanken,
"You can see the reception was quite dark. The Comer does not light up the whole room, but just it the direction it is pointed. In the cake shot and the floral shot you can see what a drastic difference the Comer light makes and I do not consider those shots to be under exposed.
The interview shot was slightly under exposed. The reason is two fold. First, older people of often sensitive to light, so I am always conscious not to throw too much light on them. Secondly, lighting up the scene would have exposed her wrinkles even more. Remember, HD is not forgiving on peoples faces. A little less light can soften out the wrinkles."
Posted by Rory on 11/17/2011 10:33:00 AM These shots are definitely under exposed. Lighting or no lighting, a lens with an acceptably fast aperture and a camera with appropriate ISO setting would produce far better results. This is far from an objective test.

Replied by LA Color Pros Rory, thanks for your comment. It was Mark decided not to turn the light all the way up to disturb the ambient. Anyway, what you were thinking was in DSLR terms. Traditional camcorders don't use ISO and not interchangeable lens.
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