Introducing TB Dongle

Posted on 1/28/2016 3:54:00 PM

Introducing TB Dongle for TakyBox TV Playback with Remote Control

LA Color Pros proud to introduce TB Dongle

TB Dongle is the next generation of digital delivery method for event filmmakers. Currently, USB Flash Drive is a popular medium as final deliverables. However, USB thumbdrive is mostly for computer playback. Our Smart Wireless USB Thumbdrive offers additional playback on mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Android. However, viewing films on television is challenging as there is not standard on video playback capability on SmartTV USB port.
USB Thumbdrive delivery also lack the presentation touch. TakyBox HTML5 Menu Generator offers the familiar DVD style menu navigation to USB and Online delivery.
TB Dongle is an HDMI Dongle. It works on ANY TV with HDMI port delivering a true PLUG-AND-PLAY TURNKEY playback of digital film. The experience is close to watching DVD and BluRay on television. Viewer only need to plug in TB Dongle to the TV's HDMI port, there is no configuration or setup is required.
TB Dongle is perfect for event filmmakers to deliver their films as it provides a true TV viewing experience. TB Dongle system software locked down user operation limit to selection of menu items and viewing. User will not be able to change system settings or remove important system component by mistake. With our FlashBox 4x6, TB Dongle will make an impressive package to deliver to client especially for wedding events.

Optional Remote Control

TB Dongle accepts any USB mouse or any USB pointing device. However, using our bundled TV style Remote Control, it will truly preserve the entire DVD movie watching experience using TB Dongle.
With the navigation keys on the remote control, viewer can navigate through buttons on TakyBox menu to select menu, chapter, play movies etc. A convenient Back button for navigate back to previous selection menu, or to stop movie playback in the middle. It can also control playback volume with the volume control up and down keys.
You can order TB Dongle along, or the TV Remote Control separately. You can also order the package bundle including the TB Dongle with TV Remote Control at a discounted price.

No More 4GB File Size Limit Barrier!

TB Dongle comes included a 8GB MicroSD card that can be formatted as exFAT or NTFS. By not format MicroSD card in FAT32, film maker can deliver their film using higher bitrate for better quality. There is no more 4GB per file size limit.


   Android based HDMI TV dongle
   1GB RAM with 4/8GB Internal memory (for system use. Not for end users)
   8GB MicroSD Card slot for user storage.
   One full size USB port. Two Micro USB ports (one Micro USB port is for DC input)
   Includes USB AC Adapter, Micro USB cable, 6" HDMI extension cable
   TakyBox HTML5 Menu Generator is required to create menu to be used with TB Dongle.
   Remote Control bundled. Two AAA Batteries required.
TB Dongle works with any USB pointing device. If you already have a wireless mouse, you can use it with TB Dongle alone with the remote control bundled.



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