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Posted on 4/27/2010 3:15:00 AM

Thanks Ryan from Digital Cinema Foundry wrote up in their blog about L.A.Color Pros.

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Affording LED Lighting Options

Ive been scouring the internet looking for affordable on-camera LED lighting. Needless to say, it isnt easy. There is a massive price discrepancy between consumer and prosumer/professional. The downside to that gap is that much of the professional level LED lighting seems to built very cheaply (for example, the Litepanels Micro and MicroPro) or costs more than my camera. I am apprehensive about buying a light that may be toast after a mild drop test. I know, I know. Most lights wont survive a bad drop. but I still cant stomach the thought, and Ive never dropped a light.
While digging on the forums I did come across L.A. Color Pros. They deal almost exclusively in a brand called Comer and it seems to an import from China or somewhere in that region. Their lights also look mysteriously like the legendary Sony HVL on-camera LED light. Ive used the Sony light on many occasions and its a great light. The Comer looks almost exactly like it, and appears to function almost exactly the same, even down to using Sony batteries. One wonders if this was the company that manufactured their lights and their exclusive deal just ran out. Just a thought.
Anyway, I contacted Taky who owns L.A. Color Pros. I emailed him late one night and he responded within a few minutes! I hit him with the one big question. Who fulfills the warranties you offer L.A. Color Pros or the manufacturer? I mean honestly, how do you call in a warranty on an overseas product with any ease?
He said he fulfills all of his warranties. Enough said. That alone is worth some buying confidence. He also responds to questions very honestly and seems genuinely interested in taking care of his customer base. His customers also love his lights (see their posts).
Feel free to take a look. The prices are insanely good. And I dont receive any commissions from Taky for this post, so we have no financial interests in you buying his product. I just think hes worth an inquiry. The Pro 160-LED Light looks like an interesting option and much like the Litepanels MicroPro, but over $300 cheaper.
Ive also posted a 6-light test he did with his Comer lights and some other brands. Very convincing. Here it is.

Taky also deals in some affordable versions of the Fig Rig.
Website L.A. Color Pros

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