Backup and Editing Workflow

Posted on 1/8/2017 5:47:00 AM

We are sharing our backup and editing workflow.

Needless to say, backup is important for our line of business. This is part of the PowerPoint we shared at our Backup and File Recovery presentation. A few things,


   it is important to make two copies from the source. Don't make the second copy from the first copy.
   I don't actually put one local copy to fire proof safe. I keep one copy at home. One copy at office. Dave Williams at CinemeCake keep one copy in fireproof safe.
   Cloud backup is slow. But it's a peace of mind. I'm in California. Imagine earthquake can destroy both copies in my house and office. The cloud copy will still be there. But I use Crashplan.. and I was told Crashplan has their server farm also in California. If that's really happen, I'm doom anyway.


   Saving project files to Dropbox is awesome. Dropbos automatically create versions of the same file within 30 days. I can easily recall a previous edit
   I use RAID-0 as my editing drive for the speed (3x 1TB SSD). I have a backup system running but actually it is not necessary.. Since I already have 3 versions of the RAW file. the version on the RAID drive is the 4th version. And project files will backup to dropbox automatically.
   After project delivered, raw footage could be trashed or try to sell to the couple for extra money telling them raw footage will be permanently removed if they don't buy it. I deleted my 2 local backups after a few months. But then actually there is another version online in crashplan. I can contact the couple few years later saying "hey I found your raw footage. do you still want them for $300 ? :)"



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