Comer CM-LBPS1800 Customer Review

Posted on 3/13/2013 2:25:00 PM

One of our customers John Nantz posted a review of the Comer 1800 light at

"Well, the Comer light showed up this afternoon and it looks and feels really neat. I suppose for $299 without the batteries, $400 with, it should.
First impression:
Very nice build quality. Nice and solid with lots of air vents.
Compact but it can be really, really bright.The instructions say to not look directly at the light as it can be harmful to your eyes, and I believe it. This will take some getting used to. Even at the lowest light level it is hard to look at but then it depends on what the ambient light has been and, besides, one isn't supposed to look directly at the light anyway.
Spot: this works very well. There is a visible spot circle with a diffused light area beyond it. Not sure what application I'll put it to but it's there if the need shows up.
The base of the hot shoe mount has a 1/4-inch thread. The built in screw/thumbscrew can be extended to attach it to a bracket. Conversely, the screw/thumbscrew can be fully retracted into the base to allow a tripod screw to be screwed in. I really like this feature. I've got a nice Stroboframe bracket with a Manfrotto 3270 quick-release plate and it has a 1/4-inch thumbscrew that can attach the light. This will be nice.
Built-in filter and built-in focus screen for the spot: no need to go rummaging around for filters because they're all right there, nice and solid.
LAcolor is offering a free table support for it. Not exactly sure how one could use it on a table but I did notice one good use. It has a hot-shoe on top and a 1/4-inch screw hole in the bottom so one could mount it on a tripod and it would be a quick easy-on/easy-off for the light. Neat.
What I would like:
1. A nice factory-made diffuser setup. I did read about someone who put together a home-made one.
2. The angle adjustment screw should not require a coin to operate. There should be a knob so one doesn't have to fiddle with a coin in a slot. The chrome looks nice now but surely after using a coin several times it's going to not look so good.
Otherwise, I really like it and I'm looking forward to using it. "




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